Rinad Aljazira LLC found the Law Enforcement & Tactical equipment supply an opportunity to develop new business venture & perform its moral duty by defending motherland in the times when the whole world has been affected by terrorism. We identified several reputed partners in the field of Military and Law Enforcement supplies and we are managing a long term partnership with them around the world.

The company is managed by a group of young Saudis gentlemens who wants their part in the progress of  SAUDI ARABIA, with strong Business & Education background. Our vision is to prove to our client in the Military & Law Enforcement arena that the young Saudis generation traders are capable to do the business in the most efficient and modern way according to world standards.

​Our mission is to deliver latest technological equipment to our customers, that their needs and requirements are fulfilled to their satisfaction with minimal budget available

After benchmark the market and identify the customer needs, we propose two kind of services:

1. General Military & Law Enforcement Supplies:

- For Soldier: we propose all the required products used by the soldiers in a daily operational duties. Starting from clothing, boots, accessories, vest, belt, vision products,     ear protection, personal protection, mask, bags, goggles, helmets, riot police and civil defense. And beside the mobile and permanent accommodation requirements for the Soldiers.

- For artilleries:  we supply fully armor cars for VIP, and all the Law Enforcement gears needed by their car from weapons holders, racks, police lightbar, car cages and network blockage devices for the high comfort of all the high personalities of the Kingdom. 

- For pilots: we supply all the required equipment starting from specific headsets, fire vest, ear protection solutions, wings, bags, kneeboard, aviator watch, sunglasses, boots, gloves, fly jacket and vests, fly computer large and all the necessary accessories. 

- For weapons accessories: we supply a long range of accessories to make sure that the weapons will be maintained in a efficient and proper way. We propose mobile and stand racks for guns and weapons, weapons holder which can be fixed inside the car, oil weapons cleaner solutions, goggles weapons and gun holster.

2. Training services:

- We identified a long range of reputed training institute in US and Europe to provide a very specific and top quality training for the officers and soldiers.We can propose through our identified partners a training for high security driving, counter terrorist, SWAT, Explosive disposal, shooting, VIP Protection, Live Simulation, High risk fire, home defense and special forces. Those training improve in a higher level the efficiency of the soldiers.